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Merging health, beauty and wellness, Of The Islands captures the undiluted power of nature to deliver results that elevate your wellbeing. Using 100% natural and sustainable ingredients, Of The Islands utilizes the purest Magnesium and active ingredients to help balance and protect the body.

Magnesium Massage

This deep aromatherapy massage, reinforced by magnesium healing properties, is designed to relieve muscle fatigue, improve sleep, detox and promote the sensation of overall wellbeing.

60 Minutes: AED 590
90 Minutes: AED 780


This deeply relaxing scalp scrub and massage will relieve tension and restore your natural energy flow. The calming properties of magnesium help de-stress and revitalize the mind.

30 Minutes: AED 500

GLOW Magnesium Body Scrub

Multi-functional and multi-sensory magnesium exfoliation will remove dead cells to reveal new, brighter skin. Detoxifying and extremely rejuvenating for the whole body. Select from 3 essential oil fragrances to personalize your scrub experience.

30 Minutes: AED 500


Magnesium scrub removes dead skin cells through exfoliation, to cleanse the skin and increase the body’s blood circulation. It will work its magic to purify the epidermis and stimulate detoxification process.

The full body massage will support the body where it’s needed the most. In the evening, after the session, it will continue its relaxing effect, promoting a deep satisfying sleep throughout the night. If you receive the therapy in the morning, your body will be supported with energy on the cellular level, leaving you feeling replenished with calm and renewed energy.

30 Minute Magnesium Body Scrub & 60 Minutes Magnesium Massage
AED 890

of the islands body themes

Anti-Cellulite, fat burning, energy boosting, premature aging prevention, sport athletic performance & coffee loving.

Island Morning Coffee Scrub

Coffee is no longer a lifeline, but a gorgeous ritual to indulge in. Naturally exfoliate and detox your skin, helping to make it more resilient against environmental damages and pollution. While magnesium naturally exfoliates, triple caffeine fusion from coffee, cacao and guarana provide gentle stimulation of your skin and underlying blood vessels. The result is softer, smoother, more resilient skin. Guarana with its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties help target skin to improve elasticity.

45 Minutes: AED 500

Island Morning & Top Shape

A blend of antioxidant rich ingredients combine to create an invigorating effect, increasing oxygenation. Spicy chili infused coffee creates a warming effect that grabs your attention and relaxes you at the same time. Just like coffee, this treatment is an exciting companion to wake up with. Body is massaged with energy-inducing magnesium coffee guarana scrub, followed by muscle work with chili infused coffee. Completed with a customized stroke massage.

30 Minute Island Morning Coffee Scrub & 60 Minutes Top Shape Massage
AED 770


A delicious treatment focused on shedding away the cares of the day and getting rid of any environmental toxins to renew the body and spirit. A blend of antioxidant rich ingredients combine to create an invigorating effect, increasing oxygenation. Treatment works to detoxify and firm the skin, and visibly diminish cellulite. Overall texture of the skin is visibly smoother and more vibrant, exuding a healthy glow. The muscles are relaxed and all soreness dissipated like morning fog.

Recommendation: 6 weekly treatments. Great to combine with a 1 hour workout at the gym or with personal trainer.

30 Minute Island Morning Coffee Scrub, 30 Minute Top Shape Wrap & 60 Minutes Top Shape Massage
AED 1,100


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