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  • These general terms and conditions (the “Terms“) are intended to define the terms and conditions under which Ennismore allows its customers (the “Customer(s)“) to benefit from all of the services, particularly reservation services, that are available on this Site and are further described below (collectively, the “Services“).
  • Prior to reserving any Service on the Site, the Customer declares:
    • that said Customer is acting for their own personal purposes that are not part of any commercial activity; and
    • the Customer is at least eighteen years of age and has the full legal capacity to accept these current Terms.
  • The Customer is invited to carefully read these Terms, whose prior acceptance is mandatory for the reservation of any Service offered on the Site.
  • The Customer is advised to save and print these Terms using the standard functionalities of their browser and computer.
  • The Customer must also consult the terms and conditions which are included in the price list and which are specific to each Establishment.
  • Ennismore reserves the right to modify or supplement, at any time, all or part of these Terms. In this case, the new version of the Terms will be available on the Site with the effective date. Customers are advised to regularly consult the Terms to be aware of any changes. In any case, the Customer will only be bound by the version of the Terms in force at the time that the Customer makes the reservation for the Service.
  • The Customer assumes the exclusive responsibility of paying, if necessary, for all the technical means necessary to gain access to the Site.
  • Ennismore offers:
    • reservation services for hotel rooms or other types of accommodation (“Accommodation Services“);
    • reservation services for food and beverage outlets (“F&B Services”); and
    • services complementary to such Accommodation Services (“Complementary Services“), on its Site.
  • Accommodation Services, F&B Services and Complementary Services are hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Ennismore Services” and Services includes, as applicable, Ennismore Services.
  • The essential characteristics, availability dates, price, options offered, payment conditions and particular conditions of sale applicable to the selected rate (guarantee policies, cancellation conditions, check-in time, member rate conditions, etc.) of the offered Establishments are presented during the reservation process as described in clause 3 below.
  • In this respect, it is noted that each Establishment has its own special terms and conditions applicable to the selected rate also available on the Site (the “Special Conditions“) which are brought to the attention of the Customer prior to any reservation on the Site. For example, check-in and check-out times, guarantee policy, cancellation period, Wi-Fi access, specific conditions applicable to children, and whether animals (with the exception of service animals) are permitted in the Establishment.
  • Finally, in accordance with the regulations in force in certain countries, the Customer may be asked to complete a police form upon arrival at the Establishment. To do this, the Customer will be asked to present an identity document in order to verify if they need to complete the police form or not.
  • On arrival at the Establishment, the Customer must sign the police form after checking the accuracy of the information that has been pre-completed and after modifying it if necessary.
  • If the Customer refuses to complete or sign the police form, he/she acknowledges that he/she has been informed that the Establishment is entitled to refuse to make the reserved room available to him/her.
  • The essential characteristics, availability dates, price, options offered, payment conditions and particular conditions of sale applicable to the selected rate (guarantee policies, cancellation conditions, check-in time, member rate conditions, etc.) of the offered Establishments are presented during the reservation process as described in clause 3 below.
  • In this respect, it is noted that each Establishment has its own special terms and conditions applicable to the selected rate also available on the Site (the “Special Conditions“) which are brought to the attention of the Customer prior to any reservation on the Site. For example, guarantee policy, cancellation period and specific conditions applicable to children.

Complementary Services include travel services within the meaning of article 3.1 of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of 25 November 2015 on Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements, which, with the Accommodation Services, may form either a “related travel benefit” or a “tourist package” according to the criteria mentioned in the aforementioned directive. This information is communicated to the Customer prior to the reservation of these services in the conditions pertaining to each offer.

The Site may also allow the reservation of other types of Complementary Services, such as breakfast, a bottle of champagne on the Customer’s arrival, or the upgrade of Accommodation Services or a spa treatment which may offered at an Establishment and subject to the applicable conditions defined by the Establishment.

Ennismore enters into partnership and distribution agreements with the websites of third parties (the “Partners“) in order to allow the Customer to search for, select and reserve rooms in the Establishments of the different brands distributed by Ennismore (or to search for other Ennismore Services) on the website of the Partner (the “Partner Services“).
Reservations made by the Customer through Partner Services are made through the website and mobile services of each Partner.

The reservation is made directly between the Customer and the Partners, following the steps provided in the website and mobile services of the Partners.

The terms and conditions of sale applicable to these Partner Services are available on the Partner’s website.

For the purposes of these Terms, Partners includes ACCOR S.A. and its subsidiaries.

The reservation is made directly between the Customer and the Partners, following the steps provided in the website and mobile services of the Partners.

All reservations are considered made as soon as the Customer is presented with a confirmation page and/or receives a confirmation email.

  • The Customer chooses any Service presented on the Site or those of its Partners by following the process provided for this purpose.
  • Reservations for Ennismore Services may be made by the Customer on the Site.
  • The reservation process varies according to the Customer path and request; it includes the following steps:
    • Step 1 – the input of search criteria for a destination, Establishment and, where appropriate, one or more of the Ennismore Services.
    • Step 2 – the selection of an Establishment and, if applicable, one or more of the Ennismore Services.
    • Step 3 – the details and characteristics of the Service(s) selected, especially if it is an Accommodation Service: the characteristics of the Accommodation (type of room, size of the room, TV, minibar, etc.), length of stay, options offered (for example: breakfast, Wi-Fi access, etc.), the total price of the reservation including details of the applicable taxes, the legal information form in the case of a related travel service or tour package, and any applicable Special Conditions (guarantee policies, cancellation policy, check-in time, etc.).
    • Step 4 – the summary of the Service reservation with:
      • a statement of the main features (length of stay, features of the Ennismore Service, amount inclusive of applicable taxes); and
      • indication by the Customer of their contact information: either through identification by means of an existing account, or by filling in all of the mandatory fields (indicated by an asterisk) with the possibility of saving this information by creating a membership account on the Site or membership of the loyalty programme offered by Ennismore or its Partners (as applicable).
    • Step 5 – the completion of the Service reservation by the Customer with:           
      • confirmation of rate selection for the Service;
      • an indication of their payment information, either in the event of the partial or total pre-payment of the reservation prior to the stay, or in the event of a request for a reservation guarantee for the Ennismore Service; and
      • the review and acceptance of the Terms and the Special Conditions relating to the reservation prior to validation by the Customer.
    • Step 6 – the acceptance of the reservation of the Service(s) by Ennismore and the Establishment concerned.
    • Step 7 – an email confirming the reservation of the Service(s) is sent to the Customer summarising the Service(s) reserved, (as applicable) the price(s), the Special Conditions accepted by the Customer, the date of the reservation made, the information relating to the after-sales service and access to the Terms and the address of the Establishment at which the Customer can submit any complaints The Customer may make a reservation for services on behalf of one or more additional person(s) up to a maximum of 7 (seven) rooms.  Beyond this number, the reservation made by the Customer will be subject to the conditions applicable to groups.
  • All reservations are considered made as soon as the Customer is presented with a confirmation page and/or receives a confirmation email.


4.1 Price

  • The prices related to the reservation of the Services are indicated before, during and after the reservation.
  • For Accommodation Services, the prices shown are per room for the number of people and date selected.
  • When confirming the reservation of a Service, the total price is indicated to the Customer in the amount with taxes included in the business currency of the Establishment (which in some cases may be different from the local currency of the Establishment) and is valid only once the reservation becomes final.
  • If the payment of the total price of the booked Service is made at the Establishment in a currency other than that confirmed on the reservation, the currency exchange costs are the responsibility of the Customer. Note that if a conversion of the currency confirmed on the reservation into another currency appears on the Site, it is given only for informational purposes and is not contractual, especially given the possible change of exchange rates between the reservation date and the dates of stay at the Establishment.
  • Based on the total price in euros, the latter is converted in accordance with the exchange rate of the day provided by the company DEVISEA. Details of the exchange rate can be found at this website.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the Site, the options (for example, breakfast, half-board, full-board etc.) that are not offered during the reservation of the Service are not included in the price.
  • The tourist tax, presented during the reservation process of the Service, is to be paid directly on location at the Establishment, except in the event of online pre-payment prior to the stay, where the amount can be included.
  • The prices take account of the applicable taxes on the day of the reservation and any change of the applicable taxes will be automatically reflected in the price indicated on the billing date.
  • Any modification or introduction of new legal or regulatory fees imposed by the competent authorities will automatically be reflected in the price indicated on the billing date.
  • Some promotional offers are available only on the Site and sold exclusively on the internet, and in no case are available at the reception of the Establishment.
  • In general, the prices displayed on the Site are determined through a practice of yield management. They may vary according to the reservation period (advance reservation or close to the date of stay), the dates of stay sought (weekdays/weekends, season, school holidays, public holidays, events, etc.), according to the size of the expected demand or other factors such as the geopolitical, climatic or economic context.
  • In the event of promotional offers, the promotions displayed apply to the standard rate of the day offered by the Establishment and which would have been applicable in the absence of the promotion.
  • We take all reasonable steps to ensure all details, descriptions and prices are correct at the time the information was entered onto the system. Sometimes, by mistake, inaccurate information is published on the site (for instance the price or description of your booking is incorrect). In this instance we may, at any time, have to cancel your booking at any time, even if you have received a confirmation email (or similar), and you will receive a full refund of any sums already paid.
  • For Accommodation Services (the reservation of rooms at an Establishment or other types of accommodation), it is noted that consumer law provides an exemption to the usual right of withdrawal or cancellation for contracts concerning the provision of accommodation services to be provided at a specified date or period.
  • For each reservation of a Service, the Special Conditions specify the conditions to cancel and/or modify the reservation.
  • Reservations with prepayment will not be subject to any changes and/or cancellations. The deposit (money paid in advance) will not be reimbursed. This is noted in the Special Conditions.
  • When the Special Conditions allow:
    • the cancellation of the reservation of a Service can be made directly on the Site in the    “Change or Cancel Your Reservation” section; and         
    • the modification of the reservation of a Service can be done directly with the Establishment, whose contact information, including telephone number, is specified on the reservation confirmation e-mail.
  • In the event of an interruption of a Service by the Customer, the entire agreed-upon price will be charged. No refund will be granted in the event of a reservation with pre-payment prior to the stay.
  • In the case of an Accommodation Service, unless otherwise expressly stipulated in the Special Conditions, the Customer must leave the room of the Establishment before the time indicated by the Establishment, generally 12 noon on the last day of the reservation. Otherwise, the Customer will be charged for an additional night.


  • The Customer is solely responsible for their choice of Services on the Site and their suitability for their needs, so that Ennismore cannot be pursued for liability in this regard.
  • The Customer is also solely responsible for the information provided when creating their account and/or any reservation of a Service. Ennismore cannot be held liable for any erroneous or fraudulent information provided by the Customer. In addition, only the Customer is responsible for the use of their account and any reservation made, both on behalf of the Customer and on behalf of third parties, including minors, except to demonstrate fraudulent use arising from no fault or negligence on the part of such Customer. In this respect, the Customer must immediately inform Ennismore of any hacking or fraudulent use of their e-mail address by contacting its customer service department, whose details are provided in clause 9.
  • The Customer agrees to use the Site and the Services offered therein in compliance with the applicable regulations and these Terms. In the event of a breach of the Customer’s obligations under these Terms, the Customer is liable for damages caused by him/her to Ennismore or third parties. In this regard, the Customer commits to guaranteeing Ennismore against all claims, actions or recourse of any kind that may arise and to compensate for any damages, fees or any compensation related thereto.
  • The Customer, in particular, commits to making a final reservation of a Service, pay the price thereof and comply with the Special Conditions relating thereto.
  • Subject to any Specific Conditions:
    • any reservation or payment that is irregular, ineffective, incomplete or fraudulent for a reason attributable to the Customer will result in the cancellation of the Service reservation at the expense of the Customer, without prejudice to any action that Ennismore may bring against such a Customer;
    • the Customer shall not invite into the Establishment any person whose behaviour is likely to be disruptive to the Establishment and/or to the stay of other Customers;
    • the Customer shall not bring into the Establishment (communal areas and/or bedrooms) beverages or food from outside sources, unless clearly permitted in advance by the Establishment in question;
    • the Customer shall not smoke in public premises and should only smoke in bedrooms if they have been classified as a smoking room and booked in advance as such a room. Some Establishments are 100% non-smoking, which means that smoking in the bedrooms and any part of the Establishments is forbidden;
    • the Customer shall not disrupt or interfere with the operations of the Establishment including its staff shall not compromise the safety of the Establishment or the persons within;
    • more broadly, any behaviour contrary to good morals and public order at the Establishment, as well as any violation of the Internal Regulations of the Establishment will cause the Director of the Establishment and/or any other service provider to ask the Customer to leave the premises without any compensation and/or refund if a payment has already been made. In the case where no payment has yet been made, the Customer must pay the price of the Services consumed before leaving the premises;
    • any minor must be accompanied by an adult and be in possession of a personal identity document; this adult may be any person with parental consent (the Establishment may be able to request proof of this parental consent); and
    • the Customer also undertakes to ensure that the computer resources made available by the Establishment (including the Wi-Fi network) are not used in any way to reproduce, represent, make available or communicate to the public works or objects protected by copyright or related intellectual property rights, such as text, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without the authorisation of the right holders provided for in Books I and II of the Intellectual Property Code when such authorisation is required. The Customer is also required to comply with the security policy of the internet access provider of the Establishment, including the guidelines for the security measures implemented to prevent the illicit use of resources and to refrain from any act undermining the effectiveness of such measures.
  • The Customer will be liable for all damage caused by him and/or his guests within the Establishment and shall bear all costs arising from such damage and/or failure to comply with the above rules. Ennismore reserves the right to intervene if necessary and to take any appropriate action against the Customer.


  • Ennismore undertakes, within an obligation of means, to provide access to the Site and the Services offered in accordance with the Terms, to act with diligence and competence, and to make every effort, within a reasonable limit, to remedy any malfunction brought to its attention.
  • Ennismore may, however, be forced to temporarily suspend the Site without notice, especially for technical reasons involving maintenance, without incurring liability.
  • The Customer acknowledges and accepts that Ennismore’s liability does not extend to any inconvenience or damage arising from the use of the internet network, including, but not limited to:
    • the poor transmission and/or reception of any data and/or information over the internet
    • the failure of any reception equipment or lines of communication; and
    • any malfunction of the internet network that prevents the Site from operating properly and/or reserving the Services.
  • The Site may redirect users to web links of other websites that are published and managed by third parties for which Ennismore disclaims any liability for the content of such websites and the services offered therein. In this respect, it is specifically noted that partners are responsible for the promotion of the offers published on their own websites. The decision to consult third-party websites is therefore the full and complete responsibility of the Customer.
  • The Establishments are operated by legal entities separate from Ennismore.
  • Ennismore and the Establishments are bound by a contract under which Ennismore provides hotel know-how, brands and various services including distribution, sales, marketing and loyalty services.
  • Ennismore serves as an intermediary between each of the Establishments and the Customer.  Ennismore has a mandate regarding the negotiation, training and marketing of Ennismore Services at the Establishments. It is noted that the Establishments are operated by legal entities that are distinct from Ennismore.
  • The Customer may not hold Ennismore liable for any shortcomings attributable to the Establishment. Information about the Establishment is available:
    • in the booking confirmation e-mail; and
    • on the Establishment’s profile on the Site.
  • The Customer acknowledges and agrees that in the event of litigation and/or a complaint relating to a stay at an Establishment or the reservation of an Ennismore Service, the Customer undertakes to exclusively contact the operating company of the Establishment concerned and that in this respect, the Customer cannot in any way seek the liability of Ennismore or any Ennismore group company for deficiencies attributable to the Establishment. Information concerning the Establishment is available in the booking confirmation e-mail.
  • Customer Service is at your disposal to address any claim relating to a Service on the Site.
    You can reach us at
  • Or you may write to us at:             
    • Customer Service for Reservations
      2 Rue de la Mare Neuve
      91021 Evry – FRANCE
  • To facilitate the processing of complaints, it is advisable to send the complaints in writing to the Customer Service Department concerning the non-performance or poor performance of the Services within eight (8) days after the date of completion of the Service.
  • In its relations with the customer service department, the Customer undertakes to remain courteous and not to make any derogatory comments, in particular with regard to Ennismore, the Establishments, the entities of its group or its employees or collaborators, in accordance with the rules of common sense and politeness. Ennismore reserves the right to take all appropriate measures against the Customer in the event of prejudicial or reprehensible behaviour (in particular unfortunate, malicious or insulting behaviour) with regard to Ennismore, the Establishments, entities of its group or its employees or collaborators.


These Terms and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

The choice of governing law shall not restrict you of any protections you are granted by law in the country you are from.